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Positionspapier Preserving platform based job creation and innovation in the EU


In its contribution to the public debate on challenges related to working conditions in platform work Bitkom highlights especially the followings:

  • The platform-based service economy increasingly contributes to job growth as well as generates new products and services. Due to low market entry barriers and flexible task assignment (especially with regard to time and place), a larger group of people than before can offer services and benefit from (additional) income. It is vital to preserve advantages of platform work and not to hinder job creation as well as the development of innovative business models by unbalanced regulation.
  • It is equally important that EU action or measures at national level do not discriminate between the digital economy and traditional sectors, and that platform contractors have the same rights and obligations as self-employed in the offline world.
  • Taking into account the diversity of platforms a graduated self-regulatory approach seems most appropriate to tackle challenges of platform work, which could be supported by EU guidelines and coordination.
  • Legal certainty about the employment status of platform workforce is necessary to further improve the working conditions of solo self-employed. Issues of misclassification of their employment status should be addressed by the modernisation of social protection systems and the existing employment status categories at national level.
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