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Positionspapier Bitkom Comments on the ICDPPC Declaration on AI & Ethics

Bitkom welcomes the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners’ (ICDPPC) Declaration on Ethics and Data Protection in Artificial Intelligence and we support the establishment of the permanent working group for Ethics & AI. We also welcome the ever increasing work and dialogue regarding the topic. The diverse application possibilities and potentials should always be discussed in the overall context. Especially because AI has the potential to positively influence nearly all areas of our daily lives, a balance needs to be struck between enabling use while going with a responsible approach to developing and using AI. As the ICDPPC´s Declaration touches upon important questions regarding Data Protection, Ethics and AI we appreciate the opportunity to comment on the text.

You can download our Position Paper below.

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Rebekka Weiß

Leiterin Vertrauen & Sicherheit
Bitkom e.V.