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Positionspapier Position paper on the EU Commission's proposal for a Cybersecurity Act

On the 19th of september, the EU Commission published an proposal, which, in addition to an extended scope of ENISA, provides a harmonised framework for cybersecurity certification for IT infrastructures, products, services and systems at European level.

In light of the growing global importance of cyberspace, the Internet as well as information technology systems, risks and threats to network and information security need to be minimised through intensified common European and international approaches. Bitkom, therefore, explicitly welcomes the European efforts to improve cybersecurity. The EU Commission's Cybersecurity Act could become an important step towards greater security in the European Digital Single Market and could lead to increased confidence in the Internet of Things (IoT).

In this statement, Bitkom explains its position on the proposal. From Bitkom's point of view, an effective certification framework for IT infrastructures, products, services and systems at European level must take into account in particular seven points. Please find the complete statement below.

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Sebastian Artz

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