About Inspirient

Inspirient’s award-winning Artificial Intelligence automatically derives relevant insights from any business dataset, and immediately presents them to the user as easily comprehensible management presentation slides. Our disruptive technology fuses comprehensive probabilistic analysis methods with business common sense, and thus is the first approach enabling end-to-end automation of business analytics. Compared to current approaches, data no longer need to be pre-processed, aggregated and visualized by analysts using a variety of tools. Instead, decision makers can immediately review relevant insights and directly weigh potential business implications and decide on follow-on actions. Specifically, Inspirient’s approach to analytics breaks down the formerly resource-intensive process into three simple steps that you can experience at our booth: Submit a dataset for analysis, review the discovered patterns, and finally take data-driven action.

Inspirient GmbH

Haderslebener Straße 9 | 12163 Berlin