About Medicus

What is Medicus?

Medicus converts health data with its cryptic numbers and medical language into a visual experience with easy-to-understand health insights and actionable recommendations. We focus on vitals (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) and blood test reports for now (currently at 80 biomarkers). Our ambition is to do this for all patients’ health data and medical reports. In addition, Medicus automates all preventive measures specifically designed for each patient profile.

Who are we?

Medicus has a team of 27 technology and medical geeks, passionate about health matters and about utilizing and developing technology to effect positive health changes in people's lives. We’re based in Vienna, with offices in Dubai, Paris, and Beirut.

What to expect at our CeBit stand?

Our team at CeBit will have several smart medical devices around to give visitors the chance to experience Medicus app with their personal vitals/ health data, and get a glimpse of how Medicus can elevate the understanding and management of their health and wellbeing.

And as Medicus is also built to work within diagnostics labs, hospitals, and insurance providers, we seek to speak with industry professionals and decision makers to discuss our approach, listen to their feedback and hopefully work with some of the pioneers on pilot projects.


Maria Jacobi Gasse 1

Media Quarter Marx 3.2 I 1. Stock I 1030 Vienna, Österreich