About Deckard.AI

Deckard is the AI-powered documentation and collaboration environment for software developer teams. It’s a radically new way to share code knowledge on software teams, independently of IDEs and programming languages. No more forgotten or out-dated information, no more searching for it in tens of places. All knowledge about code is now in one place, transparent and connected to code. Deckard tells you the “Who, What, When, Where, Why“ story of your code in just one click. You see the commits, issues and all the cards (discussions in Deckard) related to the code you are working on right now. Deckard bots will also generate more information about your code and help you structure the existing one.

Why is Deckard different?

Deckard is smart and shows you what is relevant to you right now: pieces of knowledge are snack-sized, tagged and tied to a pointer, usually a piece of code in your codebase. It works with almost all modern IDEs and programming languages. It helps you to:

  • Kill static documentation, because no developer likes documentation monday!
  • Make onboarding painless (no need to answer the same questions over and over again)
  • Focus more on coding, less on searching, because knowledge is sticky and relevant, shown to you smartly.

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