Bitkom on European Climate Law and the Green Deal

Berlin, 4 March 2020 – The European Commission today introduces its new proposal for a European climate law. Bitkom President Achim Berg comments:

„The European Climate Law needs a digital DNA: The EU-wide, environmentally friendly transformation of manufacturing, energy, agriculture and transport is a monumental task. Digital solutions need to play a role from the start. The German EU Council Presidency in the second half of 2020 should therefore emphasise the digital angle of European climate regulation. The digital transformation and climate change are the two key challenges of our time. Climate neutrality until 2050 and a drastic reduction of CO2 emissions until 2030 will only be possible by harnessing the potential of digital technologies.

There are already climate efficient digital solutions for many current issues: For instance, Industry 4.0 sensors and smart machinery help to minimise energy consumption, 3D printing reduces waste of resources. In management, video conferencing can replace a flight. We now need to mobilise the necessary political will to establish climate friendly digital solutions more broadly instead of entrenching old, inefficient structures. To achieve this, we require targeted investment in CO2 efficient technologies and products, but also reliable incentives for companies to manage their business sustainably and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, subsidies such as in the upcoming Horizon Europe programme should earmark every second Euro spent for digital solutions.”

Mitarbeiterfoto_Niklas Meyer-Breitkreutz

Niklas Meyer-Breitkreutz

Referent Digitalisierung & Nachhaltigkeit
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