Euro sign in front of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt am Main

Digital Euro Summit 2022

15th November
Silvia Attanasio
Silvia Attanasio
Head of Innovation
Italian Banking Association
Teana Baker-Taylor
Teana Baker-Taylor
Vice President Policy & Regulatory Strategy
Burkhard Balz
Burkhard Balz
Member of Executive Board
Deutsche Bundesbank
Stefan Berger
Stefan Berger
Member of the European Parliament
Jan-Ceyssens Profilbild, 2022: DG FISMA, Head of Unit Digital Finance, EuropeanComission
Jan Ceyssens
DG FISMA, Head of Unit Digital Finance
European Commission
Eric Demuth
Eric Demuth
Co-Founder & CEO
Michael Gronager
Michael Gronager
Co-Founder & CEO
Jonas Gross 2022 Digital Euro Association eV
Jonas Gross
Digital Euro Association e.V.
Peter Grosskopf, Speaker auf dem Digital Euro Summit 2022
Peter Grosskopf
CTO / Co-Founder, Unstoppable Finance GmbH | building Ultimate
Patrick Hansen
Patrick Hansen
Director, EU Strategy & Policy
Brett Quick: 2022 Head of Government Affairs North America for Crypto Council for Innovation)
Brett Quick
Head of Government Affairs North America
Crypto Council for Innovation
Carola Rathke (YPOG-2022)
Carola Rathke
YPOG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten und Steuerberatern mbB Schnittker + Partner
Jochen Siegert 2022: Managing Director der Deutschen Bank
Jochen Siegert
Managing Director
Deutsche Bank
Ralf Wintergerst 2022: Chairman of the Management Board and Group CEO Giesecke+Devrient
Ralf Wintergerst
Board Member Bitkom, Chairman of the Management Board and Group CEO
Dorothea Ysenburg
Vice President Business Development, Crypto segment Europe
Central Bank Digital Currencies

Most central banks around the world are currently assessing the benefits and challenges of issuing central bank digital currencies (CBDC). While the reasons for doing so vary significantly, from financial inclusion to monetary policy or consumer protection, the trend is clear. More and more central banks projects are moving to a pilot or development phase. After launching its investigation phase in 2021, the ECB has recently selected players for the joint prototyping of a user interfaces: it is time to discuss ECB’s digital euro project paralleled by the EU-Commission’s regulatory process.


Institutional interest in crypto-assets picked up significantly again during 2021. Publicly traded companies like Tesla shifted parts of their capital reserves into Bitcoin and some of the biggest financial companies in the world, such as Paypal, VISA or Mastercard, were starting to build on- and off-ramps for crypto-assets and related services. Today, public perception has shifted from “to-the-moon” to “crypto-winter” while the EU is about to finalize its Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) Regulation. Let us take a closer look at the long-term potential & strategies including mainstream adoption as well as Europe’s competitive position with the first major legal framework of this kind.


Never realized but still famous: Facebook’s Diem (formerly Libra) project unleashed an unseen regulatory attention around the world: EU-Commission, the ECB, the FED, the FSB, the G7, the FATF. What followed was FATF’s travel rule or EU’s MiCA. In the meantime, stablecoins, such as USDT or USDC, with seemingly continuously rising market caps have developed rapidly. How is the European industry positioning itself in this new market and what role do international actors play in that regard?

The Future of Money and Finance

What kind of money are we going to use and how are we going to pay in the future? Are private forms of money such as global stablecoins or company coins going to gain traction? How will central bank digital currencies co-exist or compete with private forms of money and payment? Are we entering an era of currency competition? And how will Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain disrupt current payment systems and other industries? How will DeFi develop in the future and in how far will CeFi integrate crypto assets and underlying technological advancements in their daily business? Join the #DES22 to discuss the future with us.

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Benedikt Faupel
Benedikt Faupel
Head of Blockchain
Bitkom e.V.
Profilbild Kevin Hackl
Kevin Hackl
Head of Digital Banking & Financial Services
Bitkom e.V.
Mitarbeiterbild Lukas Marschallek
Lukas Marschallek
Policy Officer Digital Banking & Financial Services
Bitkom e.V.