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Position Paper The EU Industry Strategy: Setting course for the digitalised economy

Frau sitzt in Industriewerkstatt am Laptop

The EU industry strategy is a step in the right direction to strengthen Europe`s industrial backbone. The emphasis on digital technologies and skills is welcomed. Yet, the strategy mostly conceptualises activities, which were planned already. More can be done in outlining concrete actions to ensure the uptake of technologies across all sectors.

Bitkom’s position is built on the logic that in order to remain competitive, a fundamental modernisation of old structures is needed. The paper addresses several key areas, such as skills, sustainability, intellectual property, cybersecurity, trade as well as industrial platforms, identifying recommendations how to improve policy-making, investment and policy actions.

The challenge at European level will be to create a regulatory framework that enables the digital and environmental transition. Incentives and room for innovation must be developed to allow industries, which are already under great competitive pressure, to adapt without being deprived of their business foundations. At the same time, companies need clear and proportionate rules to have certainty, since overregulation is poison, but uncertainty can be equally damaging.

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