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Position Paper More growth through more knowledge


When developing and programming digital solutions, start-ups require the expertise of IT professionals to be able to develop, deploy, and optimise innovative digital products. Presently, however, 86,000 positions for skilled IT professionals remain vacant. This is a considerable obstacle to the growth of many young and aspiring companies. Not only are German start-ups competing for skilled staff on the domestic labour market with unequal financial clout but also with many international competitors in a global “war for talent”. When recruiting is successful, it is followed by slow and opaque administrative procedures. More so than others, start-ups depend on policymakers to create attractive conditions for incoming IT professionals.

These are our proposals for improving the immigration process for IT professionals:

  • Effective marketing for Germany abroad
  • Uniform, quick, and digital visa process abroad
  • Digital, customer-focused administrative procedures in Germany
  • Planning security when recruiting career switchers

For more information, see our Position Paper “More growth through more knowledge”, which is available for downloading here:

Download now (pdf, 67.89 KB)