Bitkom on the final report by Germany’s Wettbewerbskommission 4.0

Berlin, 09. September 2019 - The expert group published their suggestions on rules for the digital economy. Bitkom president Achim Berg comments:

“The group recognises that platforms and data-driven business models are the principal catalysts for the digital economy. We welcome that the Wettbewerbskommission is arguing in favour of more legal certainty for cross-sectoral data cooperation because it is fundamentally important for ensuring European competitiveness. It is a key aspect for developing digital technologies, standards, and business alliances. Moreover, we support the outlined open data approach and plans to further develop the open data regulation.

We urge caution when granting new data access rights as suggested by the group. With regard to data portability and interoperability, all proposals will have to be aligned with the GDPR. Concerning all other competition rules: They have to be uniform across the EU. Europe’s digital economy can only compete when it operates within a harmonised legal framework.”