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Global IT and office automation product manufacturers are actively engaged in the effective reuse and extended use of products in the Business-to-Business sector. They see remanufacturing and resale of such products as part of their core activities. This includes manufacturers of computing equipment, printers, networking and communications products. A number of OEMs have been very successful in developing new markets by offering used products based on a quality rework process. Some perform this activity themselves, and others employ specialist service providers.

The Product Reuse European Working Group (PREWG) is a European-wide interest group whose key objective is to increase the understanding of the benefits of used IT and office automation products. One of the principle objectives of this Working Group was to establish a common quality standard of remarketed EEE products offered by OEM and independent providers.


  • Circular Economy – what is the contribution of product remanufacturing and reuse to a Circular Economy?
  • Standardization and common quality standards for remarketed and reused products
  • Political discussion on remanufactured products and how to eliminate trading barriers


  • Providing a forum for exchange of information and experience within equipment suppliers and service providers, discussion of best practices, and conducting studies and surveys
  • Building the understanding on the quality standards of used products, combined with the warranty standard from the original manufacturers
  • Being the ‘voice of remanufacturing industry’ in the EEE sector regarding legislation and sustainability


  • Fact Sheet on the ICT Remanufacturing Industry in Europe
  • Contribution to British Standard BSI 8887 (Part 211) which defines the categories in which ICT product may be remarketed (sold again into the market)
  • Established accurate definitions to guide the end user customer as they make their choices in IT investment.


  • Exchange with European Commission and other Brussels stakeholders on Circular Economy
  • Establishing guidelines for those organizations involved in the supply of used equipment

Chair: tbc

Deputy Chair: Michael Horst (ELiProCoM)